FAQ About HandmadeByAmanda

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What size are your hats?

My hats are meant to fit the average newborn.  If you are interested in a different size, please contact me for a customer order.

What are the care instructions for your items?

I aim to make everything washer and dryer friendly as I know how much mess a new baby can create.  The exception to this is the ribbon on the flower hats which I recommend removing prior to washing.

I have an idea but I don't see it on your page.  Do you do custom orders?

I welcome custom orders whether it is a colour you are looking for but haven't seen on my site or a unique idea.  Even if you are looking for a matching item (booties or a sweater to match the hat you fell in love with).  If you are interested in a customer order, please contact me directly so we can discuss timelines and price.

What are your prices?

My prices are based on the complexity and time requirement for the item.  My flower hats are $25, most of my button or bow embellished hats are $20.  My themed hats vary from $15-$20 depending on complexity and time.  I am considering selling baby sweaters which will be $50-$85 depending on style, complexity, size and time.