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How I Started Selling Hats

If any of you have been on my Facebook page, I’m sure you’ll realize that I have started my own business selling baby hats. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for so long, you might be wondering ‘why now?’ Well, it is basically because of my family. A lady I worked with had a set of twin grandbabies coming. The beginning of her daughter’s pregnancy was challenging because they weren’t sure if the two babies were in the same sac, which, if they were, meant that the pregnancy was high risk. It being high risk meant that she had to stay in the hospital for months, in a city that was 4 hours away from home. Not ideal. Thankfully, after a two-hour sonogram, they found the divide in the sac meaning her daughter could return home and give birth locally. They also found out that both babies were girls – identical to be exact. I’ve always had a soft spot for miracle babies – whether it is a couple that has struggled to get pregnant and eventually does or whether it is a scary situation that turns out well. So, I decided to make two flower hats, one for each girl. I did them with a cream base with one pink flower and the other a purple flower. My mom and my sister came to visit and saw these hats sitting on the kitchen counter as I hadn’t brought them into work yet. They decided that they were too cute and that I must sell them. These particular hats were very important to me because my mother-in-law made one for my daughter and I loved it so much that she wore it everywhere. So, I agreed, these hats were just too cute. But would they sell? Well, my sister and my mom agreed to help sell them which at least meant that I could sell these hats in multiple locations, increasing my changes of building a customer base. A few days later, they went out and bought me a few bags of yarn to get me started (in truth, it was three giant bags that got me started and kept me going for months).

I really lucked out when a coworker was going to pick her son up from university and offered to take some of my hats to my mom. Her son attends my alma mater, Queen’s University, and it also happens to be where my mom works. I went into over-drive, making as many hats as I could along with figuring out how to package them for customers. I already had my business cards and some stickers in to help with packaging but beyond that, I wasn’t sure exactly how to approach it. I decided to go clean and simply, just a bit of double sided tape and a bow hot glued onto the bag. I managed to send 27 hats along with bags, stickers, tissue paper and extra business cards. Which means I am busy trying to restock my own supply.

I’ve also made a goal of doing a craft fair before Christmas of this year. My hope is that those that attend a craft fair will value the time and effort that goes into handmade items with the potential to expand my customer base with that.



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