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Being Creative

I’m a mine engineer by trade but despite being an engineer, I always felt that I had a creative soul. When I was doing design work within engineering, I would consider it to be me expressing my creativity within the confines of the design. When I found the design work boring, I would become more creative within my hobbies, including knitting and crocheting. If I was sticking to the knitting pattern, I would express my creativity through colour, knowing that I was creating a unique item because of my colour and even yarn choice. Since I have been knitting and crocheting for so long, I generally don’t follow a pattern to the letter. I’m the same with cooking and baking. I’ll change the spices or eye ball some of the ingredients instead of measuring. Or I’ll crochet part of a pattern and knit another part. This is especially true when it comes to my cupcake hats. There are many crafters out there that know how to knit or crochet and so patterns are created for knitters or crochters. My cupcake hat is a crochet top with a knit bottom, mainly because I think the ribbing at the base of the cupcake (which is the cupcake liner) looks better knit than crocheted. It means that some of my creations are Frankensteins – a piece taken from here and there and added together with a bit of flair. But I think they might just be the cutest Frankentsteins I’ve ever seen!



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