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Kids Means Washer and Dryer Safe Plus Football Fans

I have no doubt that at least some of you are moms. And if you are, you recognize how important it is to make your life easier. That is why all of my baby related projects are washer and dryer safe. They are made of 100% acrylic which means they are soft while also being durable. The only exception to this is the ribbon in my flower hats which I recommend removing prior to washing. The ribbon can then be woven through the hat after washing. Why did I do this? I have been that mom that is about to walk out of the house when my baby proceeded to burp up – without warning – all over themselves and myself too if they are talented. Which means a complete wardrobe change for both of us, additional laundry and the potential that I smell like sour milk for the rest of the day. The joys of motherhood.

As for sizing, I generally make my hats to fit the ‘average’ baby head size for a newborn up to 6-month size with some premies thrown in for good measure. For some reason I have lately seen a lot of young babies with extremely large heads. My heart goes out to those mommas that had to bring them into the world. So, if your little tyke is older or happens to have a melon of a head (no judgement, seriously just recognition and props), I will happily make one to order. You might have to measure your baby’s head or measure a hat that fits them well, but just send those measurements to me along with the style and colours and I’ll get that hat to you. I also try to make sure that my hats have a lot of ease meaning that they will stretch which helps parents put the hat on their child but also means that the hat will get more use.

Now, I want to talk about the football hat. When I originally posted the photo of my football hat on Facebook, I mentioned that I wanted to pay tribute to Saskatchewan fans and their watermelon hats. Growing up, I was oblivious to most sports, including football. I really didn’t know that Canadians followed football or even had their own teams until I moved to Saskatchewan. Riders fans are hardcore and they show their team affiliation proudly. They put stickers on their cars, flags on their fence and happily wear their jerseys for game day. They also wear watermelons on their heads for game days. I’m completely serious about this – they hallow out a watermelon and wear it as a hat during games. Since I made the football hat, I’ve been scratching my head on how to make a watermelon hat that looks like the outside of the watermelon but also draws the connection to football. Alas, I might be stuck with making a watermelon hat that looks like a slice of watermelon instead. If anyone has any ideas though, I welcome them!



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