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Keto Food Preparation 2 - Fat Bombs

I mentioned in my last post that I would be making fat bombs to show in this post. I only made two types as I only had enough ice cube trays for two types. The first was a cheesecake flavored fat bomb. I had a quick lick of the spoon when I was done putting everything in the ice cube tray and I was able to taste the lemon and the coconut. Mine didn't turn out as pretty as the picture used in the recipe but I think they will taste fine. The recipe can be found here. The second fat bomb I made was of my own creation. I combined butter, coconut oil, ground almonds, cocoa powder and unsweetened coconut to make something that I hope tastes like an Almond Joy. Once I had the trays filled, I covered them (I was able to find ice cube trays with a cover at the dollar store!), and put them in the freezer.

The next thing I worked was based on a recipe that can be found on many different websites. It is usually called an egg roll in a bowl. I didn't add any meat as I intend to use this as a vegetable side for whatever meat I want to eat. I started with some olive oil and sesame oil in a frying pan. I added three garlic cloves and some shredded, fresh ginger. I cooked that on medium heat until I could smell the garlic and ginger. Most recipes call for shredded cabbage but I used coleslaw mix to make it a bit easier. Once the cabbage was softened, I added some soy sauce and a touch of lime juice. I then divided it into three containers and added some toasted sesame seeds.

I also paid a trip to my doctor today because I was due for my physical. We discussed my Keto diet plan and he seemed happy that I had a plan to do something about my weight. He follows the Atkins diet so I don't think it was a big stretch for him. He also wanted to make sure I had a plan for what happens when I meet my goal weight. I thought that was really good - that he didn't seem to question if I would lose all of the weight I wanted but instead wanted to make sure I was ready for what happens after that. I had done some research about after Keto and I am honestly not sure what the end plan will be. It will depend on how I feel on Keto. I don't plan on going the rest of my life without eating an orange but I am not yet sure how strict I will be and how big of a difference it will be gone into and out of ketosis. Maybe I get the Keto flu each time and it just isn't worth it and so I need to be strict. Maybe I don't get much for negative side effects so I don't need to be rigid. I think it will depend on my individual experience. It is in the back of my mind but not something I am worrying about yet.

My husband and I had a similar conversation about this diet. He wanted to understand what my goal was, where my gates for this project are and what he could expect. The conversation started because I was looking up what gum I could chew on Keto. I explained that, at least initially, my breath would likely smell awful and my plan is to use gum to hide that. Now, the problem is, I can't chew gum with sugar in it because it will take me out of ketosis and most sugar-free gum has aspartame in it - which gives me headaches. The conversation progressed into what I can and can't eat and how I expect to be supported. I see his involvement and support to be fairly straight forward. We are going to have to talk about food ahead of time. Also, I will get him to help me with some of the food preparation. For example, if he is barbecuing, I might ask him to throw on a bunch of chicken thighs so I can freeze some of them. That means that I have meals made ahead of time both to take to work and if he is making a meal that I just can't make work on this diet. As for my goals and my gates - my goal is to lose approximately 100 lbs. That feels like a big goal and as a result, I am trying to determine some rewards along the way. Likely, most of it will be yarn related. My gates will be the one month mark, so the end of June, and Christmas. After one month, I want to re-evaluate how I am feeling and how this is going. My intention is to give this a solid try and see if I do feel better and have more energy, along with whether I am losing weight. If I feel good after the one month mark, and I am seeing results, then I think I will be able to keep going until Christmas. I don't expect to reach my goal by then, I simply want to give myself a semi-finish line. Then I can decide if I want to be strict during Christmas or if I want to ease back for the holidays. Provided I am still feeling good on Keto, I do plan on recommitting after Christmas but I plan on having this semi-finish lines or gates set in to reassess.

The last thing I did was took my measurements and before photos. I didn't simply measure my weight so I also took measurements of my bust, natural waist, belly, hips, upper arm and thigh. Sorry, I'm not sharing any of these yet but I have no doubt they will be up soon along with a progress photos and measurements. I also haven't decided when to do these progress reports but my initial thought is once a month. The first month might be more often, because often people lose a lot in the first few weeks.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have any ideas for rewards? And are there any recipes you want me to try and weigh in on?



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