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A Tribute to Disney

I’ve been to Disney World twice in my life – once when I was very young and again in September 2017. During my recent trip, I spent most of my time with my daughter and my husband spent most of his time with the older kids. Understandably, the older kids weren’t satisfied with the rides that my 18-month old could go on so Daddy did the big rides with them. I really enjoyed the rides that my little girl could go on and had fun on the spinning tea cups and the Winnie the Pooh ride. Thinking back on our trip, I realized what a big impact Disney has had on so many people. As a result, I decided to pay tribute by making some Minnie and Mickey Mouse hats. To be honest, it was all inspired by the little white pompoms I found while shopping. I then had to find the perfect shade of pink. I had a hard time with that part but I eventually took my husband’s advice and used the Minnie ears we bought for my daughter while at Disney. Now, I’ve seen Minnie Mouse in red as well as pink but I just love pink so much that I had to start with pink.

This is another example where I’m combining knitting and crocheting. The main part of the hat is knit, mainly because I like the clean lines of knitting and the amount of stretch I get from knitting a rib at the base. Then I’ve crochet the ears and added the details – buttons for Mickey and polka dots (which are the white pompoms) and a bow for Minnie. I love the end result.

This has gotten me thinking though, should I be trying to come up with designs for other Disney characters? And if so, which ones? Given my husband’s love of Star Wars (another group of characters owned by Disney now), I think it will be likely that perhaps a Yoda hat will be in my future. Which of your favorite characters from your childhood would you like to see in hat form? Or are there any more recent characters that your kids are in love with (uh oh, now I’m thinking Paw Patrol)? Comment below!



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