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Update on Keto Diet - One Week Down

This has been an insanely busy week for me. I started a new job, took over a new apartment, and we are having a garage sale tomorrow. Plus, this new job means that I am driving roughly 10 hours a week (on Sunday and Thursday) so I can be at home for the weekend. This was also my first week of Keto. I'm going to be honest here, it was not easy. The first two days were probably the worst because I had a few Keto flu symptoms which I wasn't expecting so early on. I think it came down to my low blood pressure and my electrolytes. The Keto diet and transitioning to the Keto diet is a diuretic process, meaning that it is important to up your water intake but it also means that most of your electrolytes are fleeing your body. I had to start eating salt straight up which is gross. I had started vitamin supplements of magnesium and potassium in preparation, but it just didn't cut it. I think my low blood pressure added to the Keto flu which is why salt ended up helping. I have to admit, it is hard to wrap your head around salt and fat being an important part of your diet. When I was hungry, I would eat bacon. What diet does that?

During my week at work, we had a barbecue consisting of grilled burgers that had jalapenos, bacon and cheddar cheese in them. There were also two types of salad, one of which was cesar. It was interesting for me to hear one of the male engineers saying he couldn't eat anything because it would bring him over his calories. I chuckled to myself because this high fat menu fit in perfectly with my diet as long as I didn't put anything on my burger or eat it with a bun. And trust me, those burgers were really good.

In the seven days, I have lost a total of 9lbs. I am very happy with the results. I think they could have been better but starting work changed my routine. For this new job, I have to get up to catch the bus to work at 4:35am. We arrive at the work site at 6am where my day started right away. That messed with my stomach who thought it should be eating even though it was incredibly early. I generally only had coffee with full fat cream until areound 8am. My work site is quite busy and most people grab lunch when they have time rather than having a normal lunch break so I often was trying to eat when I could. Sometimes it was 11am, sometimes it was 2pm. My day would finish at 4pm when I would board the bus and get back to my car to drive to my hotel around 5:15pm. The fun part is, I often had errands to run after work including picking up the keys to my apartment and doing the walk through. Meaning I usually wasn't eating until 6pm or 6:30pm. I would try to be in bed by 8 or 9 but it was hard to fall asleep so early, plus Keto has messed a bit with my energy level. Getting less sleep is not optimal for weight loss. It causes an increase in cortisol which encourages your body to hang on to fat. It also impacts the hormones that indicate hunger, encouraging you to eat more.

Keto has impacted my energy level but not consistently. Sometimes I will be foggy and lethargic, usually because of lack of electrolytes, and sometimes I would get an kick of energy later in the evening that made it hard to fall asleep. Hopefully, with more time on the diet, my energy level will at least be consistent so I know what to do to handle and manage it.

Now I want to share a few of the things that helped me. Before I began, I knew that I would struggle with breakfast because I am not a huge egg fan. I shared a picture of my fake oatmeal and that worked for me and was really good but it was also nice to add in shakes. My go-to has been a strawberries and cream shake that has a few strawberries, ice, cream and/or coconut milk, shredded coconut, chia seeds and ground flax seeds. I am considering a chocolate peanut butter one for tomorrow morning. I have also found that after the first few days, I didn't particularly need sweetener. I am a bit concerned that the sweetener was giving me headaches (I am sensitive to aspartame, which is very different from stevia but it is always something I consider), although it easily could have been the lack of salt, the lack of sleep or even just change in barometric pressure. The other thing that really helped me was bacon. I love bacon. I mean, really love. I love it so much, my husband got me a bacon calendar for Christmas a few years ago. So those first few days, when I was hungry between meals, I would eat bacon. And I would think, how a diet that includes bacon cannot be all bad. It was an odd motivator The last thing that I want to share as a helpful tip, is broth. Whether you like chicken or beef, just check the label for whichever is lowest in carbs (or make your own!) and try to drink a cup a day, for at least the first few days.

Overall, I think this diet is going to work out and give me some of the positives I want along with weight loss. My hunger has reduced and I was able to skip dinner last night which I consider a positive both because I didn't get shaky like I would have a week ago and because it makes it easier to lose weight.

Tell me if you've tried this diet. Also tell me if you're thinking about it. If you have questions, I will try to answer them. I am not a doctor but I can at least share my experience. Happy bacon everyone.