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Random Tip - Vicks Vapour Rub

Time for another random tip. This one is about the multiple uses of Vicks Vapour Rub. Most people know that it can be beneficial to rub it on the chest of someone that is congested with a cold. But it can also be helpful to rub onto the feet of someone that is congested before going to bed. Apply liberally and then put socks on. This is helpful because there are very few oral medications that can be used on children. In my experience, some kids do very well with this and others it doesn't make a difference so it is something to try. Vicks can also be used to help treat athletes foot and other fungal issues. After a shower, allow feet to air dry, then apply liberally before putting socks on.

Please note - I have not received any compensation or incentive to write this blog post. Also, I do no have any medical training so any tips I share are based on my own experiences and should not be considered medical advice.



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