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Random Tip - Notions

As a knitter or crocheter, it is important to keep some of your supplies close at hand. Here I show the outside of my own notion container along with some of the important pieces that it holds. I have at least one darning needle in the notion container to work in lose ends, a mini crochet hook which can be used to work in short ends or to fix knitting mistakes. Then I have stitch markers of different diameters for different knitting needle sizes as well as some for crochet which can be replaced with safety pins in a pinch. Think of this as similar to what you put in a diaper bag as a mom - a few essentials that you might unexpectedly need along with things that you use almost daily, all kept in one easy to access location. I personally also have a smaller notions container that I leave in my backpack (or purse) for when I am travelling.



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