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Miracle Babies

Do you ever hear stories that really resonates with you? You’ve never gone through the experience yourself but your heart goes out when you hear someone else’s experience? That’s how I feel about miracle babies. That is the term I’ve coined for when a woman is finally able to get pregnant after trying so hard that she thinks it will never be possible. I’ve encountered a few miracle babies, usually through friends or friends of friends. The funny part is, I usually don’t get to meet the baby or even the parents but I just love hearing their stories and being able to contribute something to their miracle.

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “One More Shot” where a couple chronicled their difficulty with fertility through video. I thought it was really well done and I was amazed at what they went through. So many ups and downs and heartaches. I was also amazed that they decided to be so open about it. I don’t think our society is open enough about the struggles in life. Facebook is full of happy moments but rarely are the sad or difficult moments shared unless it results in triumph. I get it – I don’t like airing my dirty laundry either. Plus, I have enough negative in my life that I often need to focus on the positive. But I also think we need to be more honest and talk about those struggles. Whether they are with infertility, weight, mental illness, love, children, work or anything else. We need to be honest with ourselves and the rest of the world by embracing those hardships and understanding how they shape us as people. Plus, with sharing, we can often find a community that will support us. Whether it is a support group, close friends or people we found online, sharing our struggles and hearing others’ often helps us heal. Personally, I found that when I see other people that have gone through the same thing but have made it out the other side, I see hope. And when I see other people that have been in situations worse than my own, I feel grateful and am able to count my blessings.



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