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My Canada Day - A Day at the Races

I’ve never really had a tradition for Canada Day. I’m proud to be Canadian, I’m proud of my country and its history, but so often in my life, things have prevented me from celebrating on a specific day. I used to work a fly-in/fly-out job in which I was out of town for a week at a time and then home for a week. Sometimes I was home to celebrate holidays, birthdays and special events and sometimes I wasn’t and the event had to be moved if I wanted to take part. Even growing up, because my parents were divorced, I often didn’t see one parent or the other for birthdays and holidays. I got used to celebrating when there was time.

This Canada Day, I was home with my husband and little girl but my step kids were with their mom. We decided to go to the Millarville Racetrack to watch some racing. We went with my in-laws and left early so we could go through the Millarville market beforehand. We didn’t realize that the roof of one of the buildings that hosts the market had been torn down and, as a result, most of the vendors no longer participated. It is really too bad because normally the market is massive with all kinds of different vendors. They are planning on rebuilding but I doubt they will have it done in time for their Christmas market.

The racing was not just horse racing. They did have horse racing – including pack horse, thoroughbred, and side saddle – but they also had miniature dashound racing. That was the main reason I wanted to go. We didn’t watch the whole thing because the little girl needed a nap, but the dashound racing was hilarious. Only one dog went in the correct direction. It was like herding cats.

We watched the fireworks that night from our bedroom window which was a wonderful end to the night. What did you do for Canada Day?



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