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Keto Update

I am still continuing on keto. I am finding that overall I enjoyed it. Finding that recipe for the cream cheese pancakes as a breakfast for me was key. That is probably the meal I like the most and there is been a couple of times that I have chosen to have that meal for dinner as well. Tonight I am giving into a crazy craving that is still within Keto. I am having fat head pizza with Alfredo sauce, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese. It looks amazing.

I am also 3.5lbs away from my first goal marker. I put the first few goal markers 25lbs apart because it is easier to lose weight in the beginning. I think I would have lost a bit faster if I was tracking my macros and if I wasn't also changing some of my medication at the same time. Tracking takes a lot of time though, and I am happy enough with my progress that I'm not going to change anything yet. Perhaps when I am having a harder time losing the weight, I will start tracking.

Regardless, the food is amazing. Just add more cheese, butter and bacon.



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