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Lions and Tigers But We Skipped the Bears

Today we took Jennifer to the zoo for the very first time. For anyone who is already been to the Calgary zoo you know that it’s not the largest zoo but they have some great exhibits. We had an interesting time at the tigers. Jennifer started off the day quite cranky and the tigers came over to see what was making all of that noise. The look the tiger was giving her indicated that perhaps Jennifer would be the next snack. I have never seen an animal stare like that. Thankfully she was never in any real danger because the metal bars are quite secure. But we did get to see two tigers roaring at each other. We also got to see the new pandas the penguins and the lions. The lions did not put on much of a show. It was hot and they decide to have a nap which I can’t say I blame them because I was ready for one too. The hippos were the same - napping. The giraffe acting similar to the tiger where it was staring at her and came right over. It then turned around and pooped so we were almost pooped on. We got some great pictures and Jennifer was exhausted by lunchtime. You can see the new stuffed tiger in the picture which we bought to commemorate her first zoo visit and the tiger that wanted to take a bite out of her.



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