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Stavely Bull Riding

My husband and I started going to the Stavley Glen Keeley Memorial Bullriding event the year I was pregnant with Jennifer. It was probably the best rodeo-type show I have ever seen. Stavley puts on a good show - everyone is friendly and the show is organized so it keeps moving. This show has two sections. The first is where each cowboy who entered is given a bull to ride. Then, the top 10 compete in a calcutta where members of the audience can bid (auction style) on a rider or on the bulls. Whoever wins the calcutta splits the prize with the member of the audience that 'purchased' them. If none of the riders win, then whoever bet on the bulls wins. The first year, there was also a bonus bull so whoever won got a chance at the bonus bull and an additional pot. The bonus bull that year was retiring after that round and he enjoyed his job. Everyone had to talk a few steps back from the gates because after he was done with the cowboy, who didn't win the pot, he walked around the arena snorting and charging the gate.

Hubby and I attending the first year that Jennifer was born but she was too young to enjoy it. We missed last year because we were in Ontario but this year we were able to take the whole family. Jennifer was in a bad mood again this year but after seeing some of the animals, she brightened up. This year they added mini bronco riding where kids around the age of 10 competed by riding bucking miniature horses. The kid that won was the only girl that participated and I was very happy to see that my gender was represented because none of the bull riders were women.

Part of the fun during this event is talking with the people around you because, as I mentioned before, most of the people that attend this event are incredibly friendly. This time we sat next to a gentlemen whose brother owned four of the participating bulls. It was interesting to get his perspective because his brother considers his bulls to be athletes.

Thankfully, no one was hurt although I am sure many were sore the next day. Especially the ones that got some air coming off the bull and the ones where the bull decided to try to lift the cowboy back up using his horns. An exciting show as ever. We'll see you again next year Stavely and thank you for the show.



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