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Okotoks and High River Eating

I grew up in Ontario but Alberta has become my home. I am very proud of my new home town and so I want to share some of the wonderful places to eat. Most of these places aren't overly Keto friendly so I might not be eating there for a while but, if you are in the area, they are worth a try.

As a side note - I am not affiliated with any of these places and I am not receiving any incentive for writing this blog entry.

My favorite place to eat in Okotoks in Almira's. They specialized in gyros and shwarmas, which can be done in chicken, beef or both. Hubby likes the mixed gyro but I'm a fan of the chicken shwarma. They have multiple sauces to choose from but we are both traditionalists, hubby going with the sweet gyro sauce and me going with the garlic sauce. I would say that these are the best shwarmas in Calgary so if you're coming through town, it is worth the stop.

In High River, it is the pizza and Chinese food that are wonderful. I would recommend pizza from My Pizza Steak House. I've only had the pizza so I can't comment on the rest of the menu but it is the best pizza I have found since I've moved west. They remind me of a corner pizza joint with quality ingredients and no short cuts. When it comes to Chinese food, there are actually two spots in High River that I would recommend. The first is the New Golden National and the second is the Moonlight Garden Restaurant. My father-in-law is a fan of the Singapore noodles at the Moonlight Garden Restaurant. My favorite is ginger beef at either location. Ginger beef is popular in the west and isn't available in many places outside of Alberta but if you get a chance to try it, definitely go for it.

Hopefully you enjoyed hearing my opinion on places to eat in Okotoks and High River. Next time, I'll review some restaurant in Kingston Ontario (my original home town). If you have any other places in the area that you enjoy, put them in the comments below.



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