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Pizza and Chinese Food In Kingston Ontario

Kingston is my home town. I spent my first twenty-two years there, and, as a result, know the good places to eat. People who go to school in Kingston end up knowing some of the good places but they don't know them all. For that, you need to be a townie. Since there are so many great places to eat, I am dividing this up so this time, I'm just talking about pizza and chinese food.

For pizza, I actually have two very different places in mind. The first is Woodenheads which is downtown. They have thin crust artisan pizza which is cooked in a brick pizza oven. They have some unusual combinations for toppings but a person favorite is the one with chicken, cheddar and apple jelly. There is another with balsamic drizzle that was also really good. If you go, be adventurous because that is the point of this place. Their desserts are also wonderful and many are made with pizza crust. The second place is off the beaten path and known to locals but not generally known to many others. It is Mamma Mia Pizza on Front Road in the former township. This is a traditional pizza place but it is their ingredients that set them apart. Their dough has a slightly sweet flavour and their sauce has a good dose of garlic. They are also very generous with cheese. I have not found a pizza that is as good and I make sure whenever I travel back to Kingston, one of my stops is Mamma Mia.

My favorite Chinese food in Kingston is the China Doll which is close to downtown on Princess Street. My personal favorite there is Cantonese style Chow Mein. Sadly, as I write this, I realize that this restaurant is actually permanently closed according to Google. Sorry, I guess this portion of the post isn't as useful. If anyone wants to give recommendations for Chinese food in Kingston, post in the comments below. The one sad thing about Chinese food in Kingston is the lack of ginger beef - an Alberta delicacy.

I hope you enjoyed this quick insight into some of the awesome food in Kingston. I will be making another post giving ideas on other places to eat but for now, this is all you get. If you have any places to add or any places you want me to review, put them in the comments below.



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