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Keto Update - Ending Month 3

I've just passed the 3 month mark on Keto and I am still enjoying it. I find it surprising that I am actually enjoying a diet but it is true. I've lost 27lbs so far which means that I have hit my first goal post. The reward for this goal post is a pedicure which I haven't done yet but plan to do on my days off coming up. It took a while to see a difference but now I am seeing the physical changes. My middle is slimming down and I believe my thighs are too. I haven't taken measurements to confirm, mainly because I keep forgetting.

I still struggle a bit with breakfast so right now I am eating cubes of full fat cheese and HotRods. I am considering buying some pepperoni sticks to switch it up slightly. While at work, I have been eating taco dip for supper. This taco dip is the kind with cream cheese on the bottom, covered in salsa, diced sweet peppers and shredded cheese. I dip cucumbers in it instead of tortilla chips. The fun part is that I am perfectly happy with it and don't miss the chips.

I have had to explain my diet a few times lately, mainly because people give me an odd look when they see me eating a burger with a knife and fork instead of a bun. Surprisingly, it is not the traditional carbs that people have an issue with. They see no problem with me cutting out bread, rice and potatoes. What seems to get them is the lack of starchy vegetables, especially carrots. Carrots, being a root vegetable, have a lot of natural sugar in them. That is probably why we make them into cakes (although zuchinni, which we also bake into cakes, is Keto friendly so maybe my logic doesn't work).

If you're on the fence about this diet, my suggestion would be to try it. It might not work for you, but at least the food is flavourful.



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