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A Gorgeous Wedding Gift

Today, I want to showcase a project that I recently finished. This project required me to learn a new skill for the body as well as the border. Generally, I really enjoy trying something new when it comes to crafting although the size of this project made it challenging to complete.

The reason I started this project is because my neighbors got married and I wanted to make them a wedding present. This is being delivered after the fact but they eloped so I feel that I have a fair reason for it being late. This is also a thank you because they did so much shoveling for us while we were in Ontario last year and they will likely have to do a decent amount this year as well.

This blanket used Caron cakes, which I love. This particular Caron cake is a Big Cake. It is 100% acrylic which makes it machine washable – very important for a blanket imho. I actually lost count of how many balls it took but the pattern allows of different sizes so if you wanted to do the same pattern, you would base your yardage on how large you want your blanket to be. The colour was chosen because it is has a lot of neutral gray in it with some green and blue for pops of colour. I wanted something neutral and something that could be seen as masculine.

I chose the pattern because it results in a very thick blanket. Most crochet blankets have holes which can be fine if you put it on your bed as you have a sheet and likely other blankets on you to allow you to keep the warmth in. This is a bit too small for most beds and will likely be a couch blanket and I personally don’t like holes in couch blankets. The pattern is entrelac crochet (there is an entrelac knit!), done in the round. You can find similar patterns for going back and forth but I like crochet patterns in the round because it means that I don’t have to decide the size right away and I don’t have to spend much time on the foundation which is probably the part of crocheting that I enjoy the least.

I can’t remember where I got the original pattern but it was very similar to this.

I did a foundation of three squares instead of the two shown because I wanted more of a rectangle. If you want a square blanket (think car seat or stroller), you would do a foundation of one square. The more squares in the foundation, the more elongated the blanket becomes.

The final round of this blanket is completing all of the jagged edges by filling them in with triangles. I’ve put a good tutorial for that here.

Once I was done that, I actually started my border by doing two rounds of double crochet. I mainly did this because I had most of a ball left and wanted the blanket slightly larger. Then I had to decide what type of border to use. Since the blanket itself is very geometric, I wanted something a bit softer. I decided on a reverse shell after spending some time on pinterest. I tried reading the directions on this one but it didn’t work. But that made me happy that YouTube exists (something that wasn’t very popular when I started knitting and crocheting). Here is the tutorial I used.

The result is something I am very proud of and I hope the recipients enjoy it. This pattern does take significantly longer than a normal crochet blanket but the result is a beautiful, textured, warm blanket. Well worth the time and effort.