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Frilly Girl Vests

I've decided to add a new item to my shop. This is a beautiful, frilly vest that I find to be a cute accessory for any outfit. It adds a bit of warmth, although not a ton, can it can turn a boring outfit into an extraordinary outfit.

This is one that I made a while back when cake yarns with large variegations first became popular. At the time, most of that yarn had some wool in it that was not superwash which means that the vest must be washed by hand. Now, the availability of this type of yarn but with 100% acrylic as the content, it makes it much more kid friendly.

Another thing I love about this vest is that it is very forgiving for size which also means that it fits for a long time. I consider this size to be a 2T and my daughter is in 3T clothing but has worn the vest I made for her since around 12 months. Getting more than a year out of one item is amazing for a toddler.

I currently have five of these made in different colours - including a Christmas themed one! For each of them, I have carefully considered the button colour to ensure that it is coordinating but won't be left in the background.

I wish the photos were better but my model

wasn't co-operating.​