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A Keto Update - Six Months Complete (Almost)

I am still going strong on the Keto diet. I’ve lightened up and been less strict about carbs for the last month or so and I think it is actually helping. Last time I was home, I had lost almost 5lbs in two weeks. I thought it was amazing. I still struggle with breakfast because of my difficulty eating eggs but right now I’m eating cottage cheese with cocoa and berries. This month is my birthday month so I plan on having a full out cheat meal for my birthday. We will see how that goes.

At this point, I’m down over 40lbs (which makes me smile every time I think of how far I’ve come). I’m also going to do the first set of measurements since I started. And I’ll post that on here next week! That’s right, I’m leaving you on a cliff hanger. I can tell you without measuring that I have lost a lot of size. I’ve noticed it in my legs, butt and stomach the most (I am hoping some comes off my arms soon!).